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          belt leatherSunshine Tannery is a well renowned leather manufacturing organization in Kanpur the leather city of India. With our online presenece we are feeling immense pleasure to intorduce ourselves as a manufacturer and exporter of Finished Leather & Leather Belts with offeing best in price and quality.

          We are the manufacturer of all types of Finished Leather for Shoes, Bags, Wallets & Belts. We also manufacture finished leather Belts for men and women.

          Please go through to our online showcase to select your best product of good crafting with special varieties offered.

          While you choose or will to choose any product, please do not forget to leave a copy of experience through filling up the feedback form, because your comments are so precious to us as to make our service and product better and better.

          All Products are Copyright (C) Sunshine Tanning Industries
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          Belts : Antique | Crackle | Embossed & Pullup Embossed | Plain Belts | Printed Leather | Rasin | Stitched | Weaving
          Leather : Buff Leather | BuffCalf Leather | Cow Leather | Split Leather
          Shoe Upper: Shoe Upper

          Portfolio Bags Leather BeltsFinished Leather 在厨房乱子伦对白,多人强伦姧人妻完整版BD,亚洲产在线精品