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            Working process for Finished leather  

          Sunshine Tanning Industries was established by Mr. Haroon Rashid, who has a long time experience in Leather Footwear industry since last 40 years. Presently, unit is running by Mr. Faiyaz Ahmad (Shanu), who has also experience of leather manufacturing for last 25 years.

          It is located in one of the industrial areas of the Kanpur, viz. Jajmau and is just 5 kms away from the Kanpur Central railway station and 75 kms away from the Lucknow airport and 425 kms away from India capital New Delhi.

          Sunshine Tanning Industries is farmed with several sections of processing units, which are involved in the operation of manufacturing and export. We do not only go for enhancing the production for domestic uses also manufacture valuable products of leather consisting of variety in wide range of international market with 100% export quality.

          Our finished leather exported to entire world. We are dealing in Buffalo Leather, Cow Leather, Baby Buffalo Leather and Belt Leather (for waist belt). Our associate businesses are manufacturing of leather belts (for men and woman waist belt from our own tannery manufactured leather) and also manufacturing of leather sleeper and Sandals. We are also manufacturing Rubber cellular micro sheets, Rubber Hawai chappals and Eva Sheet.

          We are manufacturing in Baby Buffalo and Cow Leather. Various types of Crazy Horse, Full Grain, Snuff Burnish, Nubuck, Smooth P.U. Finish, Solvent Finished, Hair cell, Softy, Analine Polish, Glazed, Natural Dry Milled, Printed Dry Milled and various types of bag and wallets leathers. We are also manufacturing in Buffalo, various type of Crazy horse, Corrected Grain, Pull-up Belt Leather and Printed Leather.

          Company enjoys skilled personals for advancing products, Board of Director enjoy qualified leather technician and better customer satisfaction. The Company consists 50 trained staff members and 200 proficient workers. With these hands, Sunshine Tanning Industries reached its prominent capacity, as follows:

          Finished Leather: 4,00,000 sq. ft. /month
          Belts: 30 to 50 thousand straps /month
          Microcellular Rubber Sheets: 40 to 50 thousand sheets /month


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